Friday, July 17, 2009


How I hope this day will never come...

*sigh* my RM 70....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Watched Transformers last night with my sisters. *phew* so hard to get the tickets. Anyway, fantastic movie--as expected. We even had a dramatic moment in the cinema, for those who watched this movie, if you remember there was a scene where the Decepticons pulled the cables and shut down the electricity. At that very moment, the screen suddenly went dark and we were all like "woah". I personally thought that it was creative you know, to involve the audience in the story. But after about 1 minute, we heard an announcement: "We deeply regretted to announce that there have been some technical problems. Please remain seated while we sort it out".

---huh? It was just a simple blackout.

Anyway, it's definitely better than the first one though the breaking news of Megan Fox made us giggle throughout the movie. That's right guys, sorry to ruin all your perfect fantasies, but Megan Fox is-in-fact-a man. The guys at my dad's office are still in denial and they're still saying I made it all up--that it's all some kind of conspiracy..haha..Perhaps for them it's unbelievable or even impossible that a man can be that hot.

What's unbelievable for me is that they still thinks that she/he/this person is hot...haha...Sooner or later, I know they'll come around.